At Hide & Seek, we firmly believe that inclusivity should be the norm. We welcome like-minded partners to join us on this journey to champion more inclusive society.


An inclusive management consulting company, we are a social enterprise that is constantly seeking innovative solutions & impactful long-term partnerships to improve the quality of life of marginalised communities.

Cindy Chng has talk with some of TomoWork members
6 people are working together in corner of the room with laptops on
screenshoot of Cindy giving talk in zoom
screenshoot of people who attend zoom session

What We Do

Management Consulting

We believe that an inclusive ecosystem in the workplace is the key to gainful employment & that begins with understanding the challenges that one’s colleagues may face. 

  • We help companies & teams shape their organisational culture to build inclusive ecosystems.
  • We advise businesses on the various tools & accommodations that are available to shape inclusive workplaces.
  • We conduct audits & advise companies on their products, services & communications channels to help ensure that they are inclusive.
Cindy Chng stand in front of audience with mike on her hand, presenting TomoWork journey
TomoWork members give presentation in front of Johnson & Johnson delegations

Train & Place

Singapore Partner for TomoWork

We are the appointed Singapore partner for TomoWork. TomoWork is led by Sumitomo Life Insurance, a leading Japanese insurance company, and supported by Hide & Seek, a Singapore-based social enterprise.


As a social enterprise that believes in the value of inclusive employment, we hope to employ persons with disabilities to form 40% of our team.

Awareness Building

We give back to our community by contributing

0 %

of our profits towards causes that raise awareness on social issues.

Participants with and without disabilities gathers in the small room. Someone is typing caption for deaf participants

Our Partners

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