What We Do

What We Do

Management Consulting

We believe that an inclusive ecosystem in the workplace is the key to gainful employment & that begins with understanding the challenges that one’s colleagues may face. 

  • We help companies & teams shape their organisational culture to build inclusive ecosystems.
  • We advise businesses on the various tools & accommodations that are available to shape inclusive workplaces.
  • We conduct audits & advise companies on their products, services & communications channels to help ensure that they are inclusive.
Cindy Chng stand in front of audience with mike on her hand, presenting TomoWork journey
TomoWork members give presentation in front of Johnson & Johnson delegations

Train & Place

Singapore Partner for TomoWork

We are the appointed Singapore partner for TomoWork. TomoWork is a registered non-profit organisation in Singapore, built on equipping Persons with Disabilities & Students with Special Educational Needs with business experience and skills to be job-ready.


As a social enterprise that believes in the value of inclusive employment, we hope to employ persons with disabilities to form 40% of our team.

Awareness Building

We give back to our community by contributing

0 %

of our profits towards causes that raise awareness on social issues.

Participants with and without disabilities gathers in the small room. Someone is typing caption for deaf participants



The TomoWork Talent Accelerator Programme Batch 4

Together with our long-term partners, TomoWork and Temasek Polytechnic, we brought the TomoWork Talent Accelerator Programme experience to a new height by hosting 19 graduating students and recent alumni with Special Educational Needs from all the Polytechnics in Singapore, namely Temasek Polytechnic, Nanyang Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic and Republic Polytechnic.

January – March 2022

NKF's 2022 Race Inspired!

Partnering with NKF as their official creative partner for this year’s Race Inspired!, we supported this meaningful virtual sport event where everyone can exercise & do good for people with kidney failure. 


The TomoWork Talent Explorer Programme

Continuing our teamwork with Sumitomo Life Insurance & Temasek Polytechnic, we launched the TomoWork Talent Explorer Programme that is curated for polytechnic students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) to widen their horizons on the latest employment trend in Singapore & explore different career paths in the #FutureOfWork. Apart from this enriching experience, participants could participate in the Sumitomo Life Inclusive Champion Competition & win attractive prizes.

March – May 2021

The TomoWork Talent Accelerator Programme Batch 3

Partnering with Sumitomo Life Insurance & Temasek Polytechnic, we co-designed a new concept of the TomoWork Talent Accelerator Programme which focused on the digital sectors. In this run, 25 recent graduates & alumni of Temasek Polytechnic with disabilities gained experiences & built relevant credentials for digital roles through a curated learn-and-work programme.

April 2021

Silver Enabling Mark

We received the Silver Enabling Mark, a national accreditation by SG Enable to recognise inclusive employers! As an inclusive management consulting company, we value our commitment to championing a more inclusive workforce & will continue to work with our team to create an equitable workplace where everyone is able to realise their full potential.

April 2021

YMCA Inclusive Challenge

In support of the YMCA Inclusive Challenge 2021, we joined TomoWork in the completion of a 5 km trek together from the National Stadium to Marina Barrage! The YMCA Inclusive Challenge 2021 is a 125 km walk to raise awareness & funds in order for youths with special needs to lead a more independent & dignified life.

[This activity was conducted in accordance with applicable safe distancing measures at the point in time. Masks were taken off temporarily during high intensity activities & worn back after.]

January 2021

Hello Inclusivity!

To kick off 2021, we conducted a disability awareness project ‘Hello Inclusivity’, in collaboration with our co-working space *SCAPE HubQuarters! This included a variety of interactive disability simulations to share daily lived experiences of persons with visual impairment, hearing loss & physical disabilities. In this session, we also shared about the resources from the Singapore government to support inclusive employment.

July – September 2020

The TomoWork A.B.L.E. Webinar Series

We share a common belief with TomoWork that Abilities, Belonging, Leadership, Empowerment (A.B.L.E) are the key success factors to achieve the goal of an inclusive workplace.

This webinar series was co-designed with Sumitomo Life Insurance to highlight the importance of Diversity & Inclusion by opening up a dialogue on how Persons with Disabilities & Corporates can work in tandem to build inclusive ecosystems, as well as explorations on how COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way we work.

August 2020

ASEAN Youth+ Meeting on Peace & Security

We were proud to have flown the Singapore flag at the 2020 ASEAN+ Youth Meeting on Peace & Security where we were invited to conduct a workshop on Diversity & Inclusion. 

Our workshop focused on our experiences & professional expertise in our D&I efforts, social entrepreneurship & how we work with our partners in the people, public & private sectors to increase Persons with Disabilities (PWD) employment in Singapore.

July 2020

SCAPE HubQuarters Community: Power Up!

As workplaces remained closed due to COVID-19 regulations, we collaborated with Hubbers at *SCAPE HubQuarters to organise a 3-part “Community: Power Up!” series. Built on the principle that HubQuarters is not just a co-working space but a community, we designed this event to promote social connections & build stronger relationships by providing the platform for Hubbers to share their expertise.

May 2020

Yay! It's Monday with TomoWork!

Yay! It’s Monday with TomoWork is our first virtual engagement activity, designed specially for TomoWork members & partners. During the Circuit Breaker period, we saw an opportunity to help our community build new habits that benefit the future of work & strengthen personal resilience.

We hosted 20 players with & without disabilities over a week to complete a series of tasks focused on personal & professional development, inclusive entertainment & wellness.

Screenshoot of all attendees with and without disabilities

January – March 2020

The TomoWork Talent Accelerator Programme Batch 2

To foster an inclusive workplace for people who are differently abled, we co-developed TomoWork with Sumitomo Life Insurance to empower & help Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) discover their talents & abilities through a 12-week programme. As of April 2020, we had a total of 30 graduates.

Our Partners

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