Who We Are

Who We Are

An inclusive management consulting company, we are a social enterprise that is constantly seeking innovative solutions & impactful long-term partnerships to improve the quality of life of marginalised communities.


We believe that every individual has their unique talents & abilities. We want to empower them to realise their full potential.


A future where inclusivity is the norm, where individuals are recognized by their abilities.

our values: t.r.u.s.t

People are building the blocks with wording TRUST

Our Philosophy is embedded in our values.

We see TRUST as the key success factor in creating successful partnerships & positive impact in the communities we serve.


No one can do everything alone. It is through great teamwork that we achieve the impossible.


We respect each other's differences & the diversity of strengths they bring.


We always look at building people up & not tearing them down. 


We always put the needs of others above our own.


We need to transcend boundaries & social norms to create a lasting impact.


Co-Founder, Partnerships

Photo of Cindy Chng

Cindy Chng

As a social entrepreneur since the age of 19, Cindy believes in the power of business & civil society in shaping change. With her rich experience in stakeholder management & community engagement, Cindy leads the team to create high impact partnerships to benefit the communities we serve.

She is an ASEAN Youth Award winner & the first Singaporean recipient of the Royal Commonwealth Society Associate Fellowship. She is also an active grassroots volunteer & was conferred the Public Service Medal (Pingat Bakti Masyarakat) in 2020 in recognition of her contributions by the President of the Republic of Singapore.

Chief Enabling Officer

Photo of Terence Chiuh. He is a Singaporean Chinese man in his fifties. He has a friendly smile and wears glasses.

Terence Chiuh

Terence was running a branding and creative agency before joining Hide & Seek. He has served and supported companies like Intel, Epson, Hilton, Nokia, Singapore Pools. CISCO etc. as a strategic communication lead. His love for design and marketing communications led him to continue to pursue his passion but now, in a different context. As part of his life-long learning ethos, he has recently completed a 6-month AI/Data Science course from IBM. He is looking forward to using his newly acquired knowledge and his wealth of experience, to give back to society through Hide & Seek.


Photo of Edwin Tan

Edwin Tan

While he manages community initiatives, Edwin is also a national chess player representing Singapore in regional para-chess competitions. He is passionate about creating a more sustainable Singapore that is more inclusive towards persons with disabilities.


Photo of Joshua Ong

Joshua Ong

In his role, Joshua advises on the development of communications & people strategy for Hide & Seek. A keen advocate for diversity & inclusion, Joshua has experience working on projects that raises Singaporeans’ awareness of such issues in both the social & private sectors.

Creative & Media Lead

Photo of Anastasia

Anastasia Anette

With a background in branding & business, Ana supports the team by building strong user experiences, developing cohesive creative outputs across media & ensuring alignment with the project’s voice. Her international experiences play a big role in her creative thinking & style. During her free time, she volunteers as a translator for marginalised communities.

Creative & Design executive

Photo of Sabrina. She is a Singaporean Malay woman in her twenties who dresses in a hijab.

Sabrina Suhaimi

Sabrina's broad design knowledge helps the creative team in her role. She is deeply committed to raising awareness of inclusivity through design. In her spare time, she embraces an entrepreneurial spirit in order to pursue her passions and interests.


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